Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant – *** A crew is on the way to colonize a new planet when they are sidetracked by a remote signal. The place where they arrive is home to the Alien, and they are then terrorized by the creatures. This is an exciting and extremely violent entry in this film series. The visual effects are incredible, and the action never stops in this movie. The characters are mostly people you don’t get to know before their demise, which makes the film a bit less personal, but overall, this one is exciting and visually awesome to look at. See it.

The Wall

The Wall - *** In Iraq, two Army Rangers are under fire from a sniper. Taking cover behind a wall, this is an effort for survival in a hot and windy desert. This intense look at a day in the Iraq war provides a realistic look at the effort of a couple of our soldiers to survive sniper fire. An excellent performance here by Aaron Taylor-Johnson provides realism, and the film doesn’t pander to the audience. This is a good war drama for any movie fan to see. See it.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 - *** The Guardians are back, and they are doing battle with the bad guys while having a bit of fun. The particulars of the story aren’t important here, the personalities of the characters are the what make the movie. This was not much different than the original, with good music, fun banter between the characters, and great special effects. If you liked the original Guardians, this one won’t disappoint. See it.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Their Finest

Their Finest - *** In 1940 Britain, London is under siege by the Nazi’s, and the nation’s propaganda films need a new touch. They hire a woman to add a lighter touch to the films, and she works with a fading film star and an American war hero who can’t act. This comedy about WWII England was quite good. It was funny, while taking into account the subject matter of people dying in war. One of my favorite actresses was in it, which makes it even better. See it.


Logan - *** The Wolverine is back, and he is protecting Professor X while hiding out. He meets a young mutant who is being pursued. He then protects her from those who are pursuing her. This intense and violent film was very exciting. The Wolverine is a badass in his final film, and the addition of the mutant gave him a reason to kick butt again. This is a good one. See it.

The Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious - *** The furious crew is back, and they are seeking to bring back Toretta, who seems to have been seduced by a woman to the other side. They are trying to prevent worldwide chaos, and must do it while driving really fast. This movie has some crazy sequences in it, but it is really exciting, and the Furious characters are likeable as always. If you want a fun night out at the movies, this is the one to see. See it.

Free Fire

Free Fire – * ½ Two groups of bad guys are meeting to exchange money and guns. A shootout ensues, and they not only fire at each other, but hurl verbal insults. This film was a disappointment, as it entirely consists of people shooting at each other, and not much else. This is not a heist film, of a gangster movie, or anything like that. It is an attempt at comedy that fell flat for me. Skip it!